Zeta Clear Fungus Killer

Zeta Clear Fungus Killer

Zeta Clear is an anti-fungal solution that is clinically proven to kill fungus. It is FDA approved and applies easily with a topical brush. This solution is natural, safe, and effective. It will not only kill nail fungus, but also help clear yellow keratin debris. It can also improve the health of your existing nails.

Zeta Clear offers a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. They want their customers to be happy with their purchase. Their company believes in offering the best value, quality, and selection to all of their customers.

Zeta Clear will help if you are suffering from yellow nails. If your nails are ugly and you dread summer because you do not feel comfortable wearing sandals or flip flops, Zeta Clear can help. Nail fungus is very hard to treat.

That could be why there are 30 million Americans that suffer with this same problem. But you do not need to suffer any longer.

This anti-fungal solution will prevent the growth and reproduction of fungal cells. It is 6 times more effective then any other treatment offered on the market! There is not any unpleasant odor that is associated with this treatment.

Since it comes with a brush, there is no need for your fingers to touch the effected areas. The brush will allow precise application. There will not be any residue left by using Zeta Clear. It should be applied three times per day to see optimal results.

This topical solution contains lavender oil, clove oil, tea tree oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, lemongrass oil,

undecylenic acid, and vitamin E. Undecyclenic acid is derived from the Castor oil plant and not only destroys fungi but helps relieve burning and itching of any effected tissues. The jojoba and almond oils are very soothing if there are any inflamed tissues. The essential oils are effective at helping kill the fungi.

Zeta Clear has been featured in the media more then once. Fox says that nail fungus is a condition that is common and effects 8% of the population. It can appear on both the fingers and toes, and is characterized by thick and yellow appearances to the nails. CBS states that there are over 35 million people that face yellow nails that are sometimes painful when associated with nail fungus.

As this product contains undecyclenic acid, it should never be applied on children that are under the age of 2. If the skin is broken, it should also not be applied to anyone.


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April 5, 2018