Provillus For Men Hair Growth Solution

Provillus For Men Hair Growth Solution

Are you a man that has hair that is thinning? Perhaps you have already lost quite a bit of hair. You may wish to consider adding Provillus to your routine. This FDA approved treatment has clinically proven results.

You can reverse the thinning hair and hair loss with powerful, effective ingredients. Nine out of 10 customers of Provillus see results that are visible or substantial. A whopping 100% would recommend this treatment to their friends and 100% say they are more confident in their looks.

This treatment works by reactivating the hair’s natural growth process at the root. You will be able to regain a full head of hair with this process. Hair can be made to look healthier, fuller, and stronger.

Provillus will add volume, shine, and thickness to the hair. It can also regrow past hair loss.

One scary fact is that over 60 million men will experience hair loss due to heredity by the time they are 40 years old. However, Provillus can help men with this issue as it has already worked for 96% of men with thinning hair.

Age the body ages, it looses testosterone, melatonin, and certain ceramides which will make the hair thinner and fall out. Provillus has a great blend of natural and powerful ingredients to turn this around!

This product will replenish the hormones, which in turn will send the necessary vitamins and nutrients to the scalp to help new hair follicles grow,

This safe and effective treatment uses the highest quality Minoxidil on the market today. Minoxidil is a potassium channel opener, which will allow more nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicle. This in turn will replace thicker hair with thicker strands.

Other active ingredients include saw palmetto, Biotin, magnesium, vitamin B6, stinging nettle, Uva-Ursi, and Muira Pauma.

Provillus can be used by any man. It does not matter if you have thick or thin hair, curly or straight hair. You can dye your hair or treat it with other products and Provillus will still work. It is easy to take.

A male simply takes 2 capsules by mouth once per day. Results will be seen in as little as two weeks. Advantages to using Provillus include preventing balding and thinning of hair, all natural, no harsh chemicals, blocks DHT, and revives dead hair follicles.

Provillus was developed by a company that has been in business since 2002. Their mission is “To deliver the highest quality health and beauty products with the best value to our customers.”


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April 5, 2018