Fit Life Healthy Detox Teas

Fit Life Healthy Detox Teas

Fit Life Tea can help transform your body while helping you shed unwanted pounds. In just 28 days, you can start to feel healthy again!

You can increase your energy level while calming the digestive system. This tea will allow you to detox the body so results can be seen even faster.

There are many different Fit Life TeaTox Bundles and products you can pick from to help you claim your energy and shed the weight.

These options include:

• Organic Sleepy Tea- If you toss and turn, this tea is for you! Soothe your stress while being coaxed to sleep with this delicious tea. Crafted of the finest ingredients, this tea will tantalize your taste buds. It is caffeine free.

• Organic Metabolic Energy Tea- Energy anyone? This tea will make it possible to have the energy you crave and desire. Muscle energy and memory agility will both be boosted when this tea is drank. This custom blended tea has a golden color with lively citrus aromas. The flavor is earthy with a slight sweet taste.

• 14 Day Organic TeaTox- Detox your body with this 14 day plan. This tea is custom blended with zero calories. Start and end the day with a mug of this goodness to see desired results. Helps to ease bloating and stimulates the digestive tract.

• 28 Day Organic TeaTox- The same great tea as the 14 day Organic TeaTox with 28 days.

• 1-month Bestie TeaTox- Get 2 months of the 28 Day Organic TeaTox in one bundle. There are 56 bags in each pack. Two cups per day will have you on your way to loosing weight.

• 24 ounce BPA free Plastic Bottle- Plastic bottle with flip top lid and plastic handle.

Drinking Fit Life Tea can help improve your health. You may be able to boost your metabolism, which will burn fat and help you drop pounds.

You will feel refreshed as you will have more energy.

Each day will feel renewed and your body will feel recharged.

Drinking these teas will also allow you to detox your body and reduce any bloating.
This in turn will make you feel amazing. And this can all happen without having to diet!

These teas are all natural and do not contain laxatives. They taste great and will tremendously promote weight less so your body can be healthier.

All ingredients are sourced from Organic tea plantations, small farms or sustainable farmers.

Woven pyramid tea bags are used in place of paper to allow a full release of essential oils. The tea has been formulated so you can get the results that you desire.


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April 23, 2018