Sleep is a very essential aspect of your life. After all, you’re spending around 25 years of your life sleeping. And, just one poor night of sleep can decrease your alertness by 32 percent. Lack of sleep also makes you 3 times more likely of catching a cold.

If you’re not sleeping properly, it probably due to one of these three reasons: stress, diet or sleep cycle.

Sleep problems can lead to health ailments like:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • And more

This is why millions of individuals are looking for a sleep aid solution to help them finally get the proper amount of sleep their body requires.

One solution is DreamFX.

Whether you’ve tried meditating or counting sheep, chances are you realize how challenging it can often be to calm your mind enough to fall asleep. To help, you may have even started an exercise schedule or changed your diet up — but still, nothing seems to work. Over-the-counter DreamFX sleeping pills can totally help with this.

What is DreamFX?

DreamFX is an over-the-counter, all-natural sleep aid. It contains calming and relaxing herbal extracts that help you fall asleep quicker and stay asleep longer. It’s safe to use every day and is non-habit forming.

Ingredients in DreamFX

This natural sleep aid contains:

DreamFX contains the all-natural herbs: chamomile, passion flower, melatonin and valerian root. It also contains:

  • L-Theanine: This metabolizes into the primary GABA inhibitory neurotransmitter and higher levels have been shown to assist with sleep, mood, weight and concentration.
  • Melatonin: Your body needs melatonin for regulating your circadian rhythm. It actually produces melatonin naturally, but sometimes not enough. At night, the melatonin levels in your body is supposed to increase, preparing your body for sleep and promoting drowsiness. Sometimes this doesn’t happen properly — this is where DreamFX can help.
  • 5-HTP: The body makes serotonin using 5-HTP and this helps elevate your mood. Then your body eventually turns it into Melatonin, helping to regulate your sleep patterns.
  • Bioperine: For many, many years, humans used black pepper for boosting their metabolism. Today, the extract is used for increasing efficacy and absorption of each ingredient, meaning quicker results.
  • NIAGEN: This is a patented type of vitamin B3. It boosts NAD+ in your mitochondria, helping to boost neuroprotection, performance and metabolism.

Benefits of Dream FX

Some benefits of this sleep aid are:

  • Calms the mind, helping you to drift to sleep easily.
  • Energizes your cells so you wake up rejuvenated.
  • Stabilizes your cycle of sleep for more restful sleep.
  • Reduces anxiety and stress.
  • Boosts focus and vitality.
  • Prolongs sleep intervals.

How DreamFX Works

1. First, it relieves anxiety with 5-HTP, boosting your mood and regulating your stress hormone. It increases serotonin levels and provides deep relaxation, helping your body prepare you for sleep.

2. Second, L-Theanine increases your GABA production to calm your mind so you feel relaxed and are ready for sleep.

3. Third, DreamFX tells your brain it’s time to sleep with melatonin. Your melatonin levels, which occur naturally in your pineal gland, increase at night, helping to regulate sleep.

4. Last, NIAGEN begins energizing your cells through powering your mitochondria, helping you feel restored when you wake up and ready for your day.

As with any product, take DreamFX as directed only.


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March 22, 2019