Alta White Teeth Whitening

Alta White Teeth Whitening

AltaWhite was designed to help individuals get celebrity white teeth. Imagine feeling good about yourself each and every time you smile because you know that your teeth are at their whitest!

This product offers professional results that are done in the privacy of your own home. There are no messy trays to wear, no trips to a dentist office, and no costly copays. AltaWhite polishes the teeth while whitening them and helps to remove plaque.

This product has been featured on,,, MSN, and MSNBC. It has been proven to work in as little as 6 days. This system costs a huge fraction of the price of having a professional whitening done, with no waiting around in a dentist office.

AltaWhite is manufactured in the United States. The process of getting whiter teeth has never been easier. Simply snap the swab tip that has the color ring on it. Next, dip the wet applicator tip into the whitening powder.

Apply to the teeth, making sure to cover all surfaces evenly. Have peace of mind that yellow teeth will disappear. Yellow teeth can be caused by many factors, such as coffee. The caffeine in the coffee as well as the texture is what causes yellow teeth to form.

The coffee penetrates deep into the enamel as it is eating away at it, leaving the teeth an ugly yellow. Tea will stain any dental plaque that is sitting on the teeth. When we do not do a good enough job brushing, the plaque sticks to our teeth and allows the tea to sit there as well, causing a yellowing effect.

If you smoke, you may also notice that your teeth have become yellow. This is due to the nicotine and the tar in the cigarettes. They build up on the teeth, causing stains over time.

There are many advantages to using AltaWhite. Besides being much cheaper then dentist procedures, it is more comfortable as well. Veneers or crowns often are bulky in the mouth, leading to an uncomfortable fit.

Plus the procedure of these takes a few months. Gels that are prescribed by dentists could leave your teeth and gums very sensitive and take a few months to work.

Chair side bleaching takes 3 months before results are seen! Teeth and gums are often highly sensitive when this method is used. AltaWhite does not have any of these negative side effects, is cheaper, and does not take as long to work!

Using this teeth whitening system on a daily basis will allow the teeth to be polished. They will feel clean, look white, and all plaque will be removed.

This will lead to healthier teeth which will surely lead to smiling more!

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April 12, 2018